March 11
ECW meeting held after coffee hour with all women who attend our church will share ideas on improving mental, emotional, and physical support. We here at St. Michael's really care about your well being!
Bible Study lessons on Sundays during lent starting this Sunday. We will be studying the Psalms.

March 18 Sunday 3-6pm
Teenagers Dart Tournament and Charades Contest! All teenagers in the community are welcome to our Grand Opening of "The Teenagers Rendezvous" Our newly decorated room has card tables, Chess Boards, and a CD Radio Music Boombox for your enjoyment. Bring your favorite CD's and come with fun future ideas!

April 1 Sun 10am - Blessings of Palms
April 5 Thur 7:30pm - Maundy Thursday is for the Last Supper and Footwashing
April 6 Friday 7:30pm - Way of the Cross, 7 Last Words
April 8 Easter Sunday 10am - Easter Eggs for kids with joyful songs before service

Life is a journey and often we tend to lose our way. Like the GPS that says, "recalculating, recalculating", we need occasions reminding us to pause, change our course and follow the best directions. Lent is a time for renewal, prayer and spiritual discipline.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem; on Maundy Thursday, he was arrested; on Good Friday, He was crucified, and on Easter Sunday, He rose again from the dead. And because He lives we can face tomorrow.

Come to Church and discover why
Churchgoers tend to live longer, happier and full of hope.

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